1.When posting a new fannaut' page to the forum, follow these steps:

  • 1. Create a page and name it to your fannaut name
  • 2. Type {-{-fannaut-}-} (minus the spaces)
  • 3. Press publish
  • 4. Press edit
  • 5. Fill in all the information
  • 6. Add a category: In the right side, under "Add features and media", you can see the Categories slot. Under it, you have an option to add the page to a certain category. Add it to Beta Fannauts (Whats a beta fannaut? ) or to the Fannauts category.

If it is not finished category it under: Beta Fannauts

If its category it under: Fannauts.

2. No Racism

3. The ideas have to be original (A gun is ok and stuff like that but you know what I mean) like if we have Raelynn don't get your naut a ball that turns into something that slows enemies down (Time Rlift)...

4. Don't be spam trolls.

5. Do not edit pages that are not yours, including the main pages and others pages.

6. If you are a rebel, don't listen to all the above. Trollity trollity troll troll ENJOY!