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Snout belonged to an old tribe called the Teranters which means "people of the sands." The tribe of Pangolins spent there time Training and worshipping to a God called Reash. Snout was always a star pupil and was very good friends with the towns elder, Sanve. The Teranters had a long running feud with the Skroggles, in fact, snouts parents were lost in the great battle of Prevan.

One night while Snout was on guard the Skroggles had hired a French Chameleon to lead an army of troops to eliminate the Teranters. Snout was helpless against so many troops, He was knocked out and gagged, when he woke up, the town, and the temple were destroyed. He found Sanve in the ruins of the temple of Reash, Sanve and Snout left there destroyed town and set of on a journey for Snout to become the ultimate warrior.

Snout ended up fighting in the ghetto, against street thugs for solar. When one of Leon's buddies lost a bet to Snout, he was impressed. He told Leon and he decided to come check Snout out. Leon and Snout battled it out, both were left with cuts and bruises, but there was no clear winner. Leon was so suprised that he even told Blabl to recruit Snout for the Awesomenauts. Snout now enjoys the awesomenauts, the solar allows him and Sanve to travel the Universe looking for a lone Teranter female, in order to reproduce and bring the clan back to its former glory.


Species: Pangolin
Health: 145
Speed: 8.3 (rolls into a ball when out of combat, knockbacks enemies if he run into them)
Role: Long-ranged, Harasser, Brawler


Power Pills Turbo
Denny's Helmet (1/1)
"First my boots now my helmet!?"

Damages enemies if you run into them while in ball form (Damage: 3)
Solar Tree
Piggy Bank
Baby Kuri Mammoth

Auto Attack & SkillsEdit

Auto Attack: Sand ShardsEdit

Info: Using his sandmaster skills snout forms shards of sand to throw one after another at his enemies.
Damage: 4
Attack speed: 89
Amount of shards: 3
Range: 7.4

Ability 1: Sand SummomEdit

Info: Snout creates a Whirlpool of sand that slows and damages any enemies caught in it. Cooldown starts when duration ends.

Cooldown:8 seconds Damage:8 Duration:3.5 seconds

Ability 2: Shifting SandsEdit

Info: Using the remains of his temple snout raises a pillar to block enemies.
(When holding the ability button a hologram of the pillar will appear signalling where the pillar will arise).
Height: 4.2
Width: 2
Cooldown: 6s