Made by: Jono00Edit

Back StoryEdit

Maxi was a galaxy renown cook for Babel Zork, and was cooking for him for a long time, until a freak accident ruined his kitchen. With the help and advice of Babel Zork, he decided to become a mercenary, hunting not heads, but ingredients.



Movement speed: 7.1

Attack range:

Role: Harasser

Tentacle Jump: Maxi uses his powerful tentacles to jump into the air, once.

Auto Attack and SkillsEdit


Maxi stuffs a nearby enemy naut with food, choking them, thus silencing them and doing damage over time(6x5s). Cooldown: 10s


Baking Soda Powder: Increases silence duration

Very Special Sauce: Increases DoT

Double Dosing: Increases DoT duration

Black Hole Compressor: Decreases damage but inflicts it all at once (DoT*0.666)

Searing Pepper: Adds blind effect

Fuming Yeast: Heals nearby friendly nauts. (DoT/3)

Kraken SnackEdit

Maxi throws a radioactive meatball (like Raelynn's timerift or Lonestar's dynamite) to the ground. 2 seconds later, his pet baby/cub/puppy Kraken will emerge from the ground, doing AoE damage (~35), mini stun and knocking enemies upwards.
Cooldown: 14s (begins after throw)


RadiGoo Grande: Increases AoE size

RadiGoo PROtein: Increases AoE damage

RadiGoo Crunchies: Increases stun time

RadiGoo STARoids: Increases knockback

RadiGoo Cerial Edition: Decreases time till Kraken emerges

RadiGoo RadiJelly: Adds slow effect

Tentacle SlapEdit

Maxi slaps his enemies at short range (slightly longer than melee), doing medium damage.


Stretchy Fibers: Increases slap range

Iron Additive: Increases slap damage

Sand clock: Adds slow effect

RadiGoo Sauce: Adds chance of decreasing "Kraken Snack" cooldown.

Flexi-fibers: Increases slap range

Hyper Carbohydrates: Increases slap speed