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This wiki is about Awesomenauts fan 'nauts; descriptions, skills, names, pictures, upgrades, and everything else to know.


I added a shiny new logo, a favicon, as well as protecting this page. If you have any suggestions or concerns for the wiki, just tell me! Puddingskinmcgee (talk) 21:15, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

NonameSL (talk) 10:57, June 7, 2013 (UTC) - Please guys, when you add your nauts', make sure they are by the proper code in the Rules. The rules must be read!


1. THE TOPIC HAS TO HAVE A CATEGORY! On the side you can see the category.

If it is not finished category it under: Beta Fannauts

If it is, category it under :  Fannauts.

2. No Racism

3. The ideas have to be original (A gun is ok and stuff like that but you know what I mean) like if we have Raelynn don't get your naut a ball that turns into something that slows enemies down (Time Rlift)...

4. Don't be spam trolls.

5. Do not edit pages that are not yours, including the main pages and others pages.

6. If you are a rebel, don't listen to all the above. Trollity trollity troll troll


Beta Fannauts

I see some nauts that are... well... not completed. And people, when you add a naut make sure it has all information!

Like some dont have upgrades, some don't have skils, utility, information, damage...

The list of all beta fannauts on the wiki!

Fannauts included in the wiki

The list of all of the Fannauts on the wiki!

Information and submissions of the character-creating contest!

Drawn Fannauts:

  • Blinky
  • Flik & Fuzznug -curiousmoth
  • Admiral Swiggins
  • Quistrel
  • Ditzy Starjet
  • Dr. Talbot


The wiki's admins are:

1. Founder:   Fownaut - NonameSL

2. Owner:   Fownaut -  PuddingskinMcGee