Admiral Swiggins was a part of a "create your own 'naut" contest. User Channfree's Admiral Swiggins was then chosen by Ronimo Games staff to be among the five finalists, along with Ivan Romanov, Nodja, Jebidiah Molecoon and Yowie he Yeti. Admiral Swiggins was chosen by the community in a voting on a Facebook Survey.

A second contest was made to decide on Admiral Swiggins appearance and once again, the community was able to send their entries for many different depictions of the character. User coffeybean4 won the contest with the design seen above.

Information and Stats

This is the information and the abilities and stats of Admiral Swiggins, straight from the contest entry. All of these are subject to change from Admiral Swiggins full release. Real numbers are yet to be released.



  • Admiral Swiggins is notorious for being the only fannaut to be able to get into the game. However, this is partly untrue. After some investigation, it was revealed that the character Ayla was based largely off of a fannaut that had been created very long ago by the same name. Also, Ronimo has taken inspiration and ideas posted on the forums for other things within the game, as they are leagally entitled to do so.
  • Even Admiral Swiggins' artistic design had help from the community. The artist had a thread open on the official forums where he took in ideas and suggestions for his designs.
  • Yes. Those teabags are, indeed, inside of his tank.